5 Must Have Wine Accessories

If you are a real wine enthusiast or if you are just starting out, here are the top five must have accessories to have on hand.

Wine Bag
Always include one of these when you give someone the gift of wine. Even when the bottle is empty they will always remember the gift you gave.

This one should be obvious. To make it easy to open your bottle you will need a corkscrew. There is nothing more frustrating than not being to open up your bottle!

If you plan on having more than one bottle, get one of these. Whether to just store your bottles in a safe place or just to let others know that you are serious about your wine drinking, having one of these is a must.

Wine Glass
Having one of these will help you enjoy your drink every time you sip it. For white wines purchase a short glass and for red wines purchase a tall glass.

You may choose a single or a double wine chiller to make your wine more enjoyable when you drink it.